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Pulled over by Daddy by Foxfan1992
Pulled over by Daddy
A beautiful scene illustrated by :iconsannamy: . Set in May 2031 - I am a proud daddy of an adorable slightly-chubby seven-year old named Timothy. Here Timothy and I are in California, spending some quality time together before catching our train to DisneyLand in Anaheim later in the day. Timothy is riding his bike around the LRT station, but Daddy has noticed something amiss and pulled over his son in a police-style traffic stop, to attend to the matter at hand.
"Your diaper's peeking out, buddy" <3

To read more of our adventure, see here:
'FunPlex' playground - Twin-Slide Scene by Foxfan1992
'FunPlex' playground - Twin-Slide Scene
A commissioned scene from   blankie

After a hard day's work at school, it's always nice when your parents let you go to the local adventure playground to forget all about homework, classes, chores and everything else and just be a kid. Here, Mitch challenged Arthas to prove he was a big boy by climbing up the slide. Mitch had no trouble at all, but Arthas is in a bit of a pickle with his feetpaws continuously slipping, and the tail-button on his pants having come undone revealing his soaked padding. Poor little cub! <3
Friendly is about to try and help little Arthas, while Mitch chats briefly to Nock at the top of the slide how only little cubs wear diapers. Nock - not wanting to be caught out by Mitch with his pull-ups, merely nods and makes a hasty retreat to avoid his own secret being exposed by the sometimes-callous raccoon.

Friendly belongs to me.
Arthas is   foxcub93
Mitch belongs to   blankie
Nock belongs to   aito
Red Thunder - April 2013 by Foxfan1992
Red Thunder - April 2013
This is my little truck - a 1984 Nissan 720 King-Cab. This was just after I had some work done on her by a local secondary school to replace her worn-out ball-joints and Timing Chain tensioner; (though just six months later me and my Dad took her apart to put on a new head gasket and cylinder head, plus the whole timing chain kit). In regards to that little note, my little truck blew her headgasket en-route to the US but still kept chugging along, proving she is quite dependable (so long as her battery is still being charged anyway).

Yes, I know I could have done a bit better parking job, but I was still new to driving and hadn't quite gotten the hang of it yet. In my defense I did fix it up after taking this photo. xD
20th May, 2030 - 18:03.

Hello there! We're in Alberta! Tonight is our last night in the hotel in Banff and tomorrow afternoon we will be heading out to Calgary for five days.
"Daddy? Can you untie my shorts for me please?" comes my six-year old's voice from the bathroom. The poor guy's been in there for almost two minutes, probably fumbling with his laces so he can use the bathroom.
"Come here, buddy." I say, as my son Timothy emerges in defeat and turns around so I can reach around his waist to untie his shorts. Once the elastic waistband loosens its' grip around Timothy's waist he rushes into the bathroom again.
While Timothy's in there, let me tell you more about what we did earlier today...


The weather was mostly overcast and a little breezy earlier this afternoon, but still warm enough for Timothy

to wear only his blue t-shirt and orange flame shorts. Timothy and I hopped on one of the local transit buses

and rode around the village. Timothy insisted on bringing his bike, and I couldn't blame him.

It was such a nice day; not too hot, not too cold. My little guy loves riding his bike, and I honestly like

seeing him happily trundling along and listening to the sound of his training wheels clattering along behind

him. For almost an hour Timothy and I explored the village, and we grabbed some lunch before Timothy and I

hopped on another bus to the historic station for him to ride around on his bike there for a while.

As Timothy rode his bike around the gravel lot by the station I remembered a similar scene from my first

visit to Banff almost fifteen years ago of another boy, around Timothy's age, riding a black and green bike,

also with training wheels. Back at that time I could only dream of bringing my own little guy here. As I was

reminiscing, Timothy rode his bike over a pothole, his training wheels high-centred his bike's back wheel

which just spun helplessly as he pumped his pedals.

"Daddy, help!" cried Timothy. I chuckled and gave him a push to free his bike.

As Timothy continued riding around, I heard a train horn in the distance. I glanced at the signal which showed

a green aspect to the west.

"There's a train coming." I called to Timothy, and he rode his bike over to me as fast as his legs (and his

training wheels) would let him. Timothy looked behind me and then up the line in front, I guess he thought

the train was already there.

"Where is it Daddy, I can't see it!"

"I heard it, it should be coming around the corner up there in a few minutes."

Timothy stood next to me holding his bike's handlebars with one hand and looked up the line.

I took out the camera and quickly snapped a photo of Timothy standing on the platform.

Just then the train came into view in the distance.

"There it is, Daddy!" Timothy squeaked excitedly, letting go of his bike and pointing with his right hand

at the train and looking back at me over his shoulder with an exhilarated expression on his face.

Once the freight train had disappeared from view, Timothy and I went over to the woodland trails on the

other side of the tracks - Timothy astride his bike and happily trundling alongside the road as cars,

buses and trucks drove by alongside him. I kept an eye on him to make sure he kept a safe distance from

the roadway, before we reached one of the gravel trails and went up it together. Of course it wasn't

long before the gravel path proved troublesome for my little guy - he kept turning his pedals but

predictably his bike stalled with the back wheel spinning uselessly - his training wheels taking enough

load off the back tire it couldn't get any traction. Timothy's bike was high-centred on the uneven ground,

he pumped his pedals but his bike just sat, and the back wheel spun, and spun, and spun.

"Daddy, I'm stuck!" Timothy cried, starting to sob as he began to tire of his efforts to ride his bike.

I chuckled and knelt down besides my struggling son, resting my hand on his back and speaking gently

to him as he sobbed.

"I guess this path's too difficult. Let's go back to the train tracks - there might be another train coming."

"O... okay." Timothy agreed, wiping his eyes with his arm and giving me a little smile. I put my hand on the

seat of his bike below his butt and pushed him, letting Timothy turn himself around with his handlebars.

Timothy pumped his pedals, but the back wheel of his bike still couldn't get sufficient traction to let

him move on his own, it just kept slipping in the gravel with the tire moaning softly.

Just then we heard another train horn - there was indeed another train coming! Timothy gasped and

pedaled with renewed vigour, but he just sprayed gravel stones everywhere behind him with his efforts.

"Timothy!" I laughed, "Let Daddy push you to the road before you pedal, okay?"

"S... sorry Daddy." Timothy answered in his squeaky voice.

After Timothy and I had made it back to the railroad crossing and watched the whole train pass by,

I took Timothy for a dip at the nearby recreation centre swimming pool, just up the road from the crossing.

I helped Timothy prepare for going swimming - taking his diaper off and putting it in the bag with his towel

for when we were done swimming. I then took out Timothy's red Cars floaties and inflated them for him,

sliding them up his arms to just beneath his shoulders. Timothy can't swim so he needed to wear them.

Despite this Timothy and I had a great time playing with each other in the pool. Timothy even wanted to jump

off the diving board - which is a first as he usually doesn't want to jump into deep water.

I made sure I was within range of him should he get into difficulty, unfortunately he did once as the

air valves on his floaties came loose and they couldn't keep him afloat, but luckily I was close-enough

I could support him and hug him tightly as he began to cry from his fright. Poor little guy - but thankfully

he was otherwise okay.


"Daddy, I'm ready." Timothy calls to me, as he emerges from the bathroom.
Timothy and I are going out to watch trains again. The Calgary-bound Rocky Mountaineer is due in half-an-hour, and there will likely be another freight train a few minutes behind it.
"Come on Daddy!" Timothy calls to me.
I look over at my impatient little guy and chuckle as I close the laptop. Timothy's reaching for the door handle.
"Hang on a minute, little buddy." I call out to him, noticing the red bumper of Lightning McQueen fully visible above the waistband of his shorts and kneeling down behind my son to better-conceal his pull-up diaper; and then reaching around his waist to tie the laces so his shorts won't-so-easily slip down again.
With that, we leave the hotel room together to spend our last few hours walking around in beautiful Banff, Alberta.
20th May 2030 - Adventure in Alberta
Just under fourteen years from now, Timothy and I are on an adventure in Alberta! Specifically a visit to Banff and Calgary - probably with a few extra days to stop over in Kelowna and Kamloops. This story focuses on the beautiful alpine village of Banff, where on a previous visit I have had a few ideas on what I'd like to do with Timothy when we really do go to visit.

As usual - Present tense in single-space. Past-tense in double-space.

Hey everyone! This is just a journal about my new group, which can be found here!…

Those of you who have known me for a long time will know how much Timothy means to me - he started out as a carbon-copy of someone very dear to me after our friendship went awry nearly eight years ago. Since then he has evolved from my imaginary kid-brother into a little boy locked inside my heart - call him an 'inner child'. The thing is, I want more than anything for him to be brought to life. I want to hear his little voice, to hear his heart beating, and to see him joyously riding his bike. I've created this group to share with you my hopes, dreams and fantasies of the future with my little boy. Will the future turn out the way I fantasize? Probably not, but it's nice to dream!



Foxfan1992's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Current Residence: Sidney, BC

Hello! You've bumped into Foxfan1992... a friendly young fox who would love to make new friends... I'm also interested in Trains, Story-Writing, Computer Games, Animals, and creating mass-transportation systems!

Please read here for info about my anthropomorphic O.C characters:

*My Fursona*
Friendly - a kindhearted young Red Fox. He loves more than anything to go out and play with his friends. His hobbies include Transport, Cycling, Gaming, Reading, and Swimming. He's a fantastic babysitter too!

*Other Characters*
1. Jake - an energetic German Shepherd puppy who loves to play games and sometimes tease his friends, but is quick to apologize if he's taken a joke too far. Jake loves sports, particularly baseball and hockey, but loves to ride his bike just as much. He wears a green t-shirt and a pair of dark-blue sweat pants or orange-and-black shorts.

2. Timothy - a lovable, slightly chubby Raccoon cub, who is timid but very warm-hearted. His timidity comes from being made fun of by other kids his age - mainly because he still needs training wheels on his bike. He wears a blue t-shirt and a pair of shorts with orange, white and blue flames.

(These characters may also appear as humans in my stories and commissioned artwork. The only difference is Friendly's name is Robin as a human ;-))

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