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20th May, 2030 - 18:03.

Hello there! We're in Alberta! Tonight is our last night in the hotel in Banff and tomorrow afternoon we will be heading out to Calgary for five days.
"Daddy? Can you untie my shorts for me please?" comes my six-year old's voice from the bathroom. The poor guy's been in there for almost two minutes, probably fumbling with his laces so he can use the bathroom.
"Come here, buddy." I say, as my son Timothy emerges in defeat and turns around so I can reach around his waist to untie his shorts. Once the elastic waistband loosens its' grip around Timothy's waist he rushes into the bathroom again.
While Timothy's in there, let me tell you more about what we did earlier today...


The weather was mostly overcast and a little breezy earlier this afternoon, but still warm enough for Timothy

to wear only his blue t-shirt and orange flame shorts. Timothy and I hopped on one of the local transit buses

and rode around the village. Timothy insisted on bringing his bike, and I couldn't blame him.

It was such a nice day; not too hot, not too cold. My little guy loves riding his bike, and I honestly like

seeing him happily trundling along and listening to the sound of his training wheels clattering along behind

him. For almost an hour Timothy and I explored the village, and we grabbed some lunch before Timothy and I

hopped on another bus to the historic station for him to ride around on his bike there for a while.

As Timothy rode his bike around the gravel lot by the station I remembered a similar scene from my first

visit to Banff almost fifteen years ago of another boy, around Timothy's age, riding a black and green bike,

also with training wheels. Back at that time I could only dream of bringing my own little guy here. As I was

reminiscing, Timothy rode his bike over a pothole, his training wheels high-centred his bike's back wheel

which just spun helplessly as he pumped his pedals.

"Daddy, help!" cried Timothy. I chuckled and gave him a push to free his bike.

As Timothy continued riding around, I heard a train horn in the distance. I glanced at the signal which showed

a green aspect to the west.

"There's a train coming." I called to Timothy, and he rode his bike over to me as fast as his legs (and his

training wheels) would let him. Timothy looked behind me and then up the line in front, I guess he thought

the train was already there.

"Where is it Daddy, I can't see it!"

"I heard it, it should be coming around the corner up there in a few minutes."

Timothy stood next to me holding his bike's handlebars with one hand and looked up the line.

I took out the camera and quickly snapped a photo of Timothy standing on the platform.

Just then the train came into view in the distance.

"There it is, Daddy!" Timothy squeaked excitedly, letting go of his bike and pointing with his right hand

at the train and looking back at me over his shoulder with an exhilarated expression on his face.

Once the freight train had disappeared from view, Timothy and I went over to the woodland trails on the

other side of the tracks - Timothy astride his bike and happily trundling alongside the road as cars,

buses and trucks drove by alongside him. I kept an eye on him to make sure he kept a safe distance from

the roadway, before we reached one of the gravel trails and went up it together. Of course it wasn't

long before the gravel path proved troublesome for my little guy - he kept turning his pedals but

predictably his bike stalled with the back wheel spinning uselessly - his training wheels taking enough

load off the back tire it couldn't get any traction. Timothy's bike was high-centred on the uneven ground,

he pumped his pedals but his bike just sat, and the back wheel spun, and spun, and spun.

"Daddy, I'm stuck!" Timothy cried, starting to sob as he began to tire of his efforts to ride his bike.

I chuckled and knelt down besides my struggling son, resting my hand on his back and speaking gently

to him as he sobbed.

"I guess this path's too difficult. Let's go back to the train tracks - there might be another train coming."

"O... okay." Timothy agreed, wiping his eyes with his arm and giving me a little smile. I put my hand on the

seat of his bike below his butt and pushed him, letting Timothy turn himself around with his handlebars.

Timothy pumped his pedals, but the back wheel of his bike still couldn't get sufficient traction to let

him move on his own, it just kept slipping in the gravel with the tire moaning softly.

Just then we heard another train horn - there was indeed another train coming! Timothy gasped and

pedaled with renewed vigour, but he just sprayed gravel stones everywhere behind him with his efforts.

"Timothy!" I laughed, "Let Daddy push you to the road before you pedal, okay?"

"S... sorry Daddy." Timothy answered in his squeaky voice.

After Timothy and I had made it back to the railroad crossing and watched the whole train pass by,

I took Timothy for a dip at the nearby recreation centre swimming pool, just up the road from the crossing.

I helped Timothy prepare for going swimming - taking his diaper off and putting it in the bag with his towel

for when we were done swimming. I then took out Timothy's red Cars floaties and inflated them for him,

sliding them up his arms to just beneath his shoulders. Timothy can't swim so he needed to wear them.

Despite this Timothy and I had a great time playing with each other in the pool. Timothy even wanted to jump

off the diving board - which is a first as he usually doesn't want to jump into deep water.

I made sure I was within range of him should he get into difficulty, unfortunately he did once as the

air valves on his floaties came loose and they couldn't keep him afloat, but luckily I was close-enough

I could support him and hug him tightly as he began to cry from his fright. Poor little guy - but thankfully

he was otherwise okay.


"Daddy, I'm ready." Timothy calls to me, as he emerges from the bathroom.
Timothy and I are going out to watch trains again. The Calgary-bound Rocky Mountaineer is due in half-an-hour, and there will likely be another freight train a few minutes behind it.
"Come on Daddy!" Timothy calls to me.
I look over at my impatient little guy and chuckle as I close the laptop. Timothy's reaching for the door handle.
"Hang on a minute, little buddy." I call out to him, noticing the red bumper of Lightning McQueen fully visible above the waistband of his shorts and kneeling down behind my son to better-conceal his pull-up diaper; and then reaching around his waist to tie the laces so his shorts won't-so-easily slip down again.
With that, we leave the hotel room together to spend our last few hours walking around in beautiful Banff, Alberta.
20th May 2030 - Adventure in Alberta
Just under fourteen years from now, Timothy and I are on an adventure in Alberta! Specifically a visit to Banff and Calgary - probably with a few extra days to stop over in Kelowna and Kamloops. This story focuses on the beautiful alpine village of Banff, where on a previous visit I have had a few ideas on what I'd like to do with Timothy when we really do go to visit.

As usual - Present tense in single-space. Past-tense in double-space.

24th September, 2030 - 23:34.

Today is Timothy's seventh birthday. The day is almost over now of course and Timothy is fast asleep, but before I turn in myself I want to write down as much as I can to show just how special today was for both me and my lucky little boy.

The day started out almost like any other day - after Timothy had dressed himself in his

blue t-shirt and orange flame shorts and disposed of his soaked bedtime pull-ups, Timothy

was keen to see what presents he had received from me and our other family members.

Timothy was such a lucky boy, it's sad to say but there are still lots of children in

this world who don't ever get a present for their birthday. I was struggling to stay

awake after having stayed up until the early hours of the morning - we only just returned

home from our UK trip yesterday and I was still jet-lagged. Timothy on the other hand

didn't seem affected by the time-zone change at all.

Anyways out of all the presents Timothy received, his favorite must have been his new bike.

He had initially been upset about leaving his other bike in the UK just two days ago, but

seeing his delight when I showed him his new bike more than made up for that. Luckily I

only had to explain his old bike was starting to get a little small for him. Opening

presents wasn't all we did, I decided later-on to take Timothy swimming at a local pool complex.

Well, when I say swimming I mean paddling and playing in the water. Timothy had his arm floats on

as he can't swim - bless his little soul he tried so hard, but he just couldn't get the motion right

and his feet just spun in the water. In the end I decided to forget about trying to get Timothy to swim

and just played with him instead. As Timothy floated around with me, I remembered something from

when I was an adolescent with my best friend and his dad - twenty-four years ago.

"Hey buddy, do you wanna try and stand on my hands?"


"I'll hold you up in the air, all you have to do is stand up..."


With that, I lifted Timothy onto my shoulders and slowly raised my arms out of the water.

"Okay, step on my hands and I'll lift you up."

Timothy did so. Thanks to all the police training I started fourteen years ago, lifting

all of Timothy's 65-pound body up into the air was relatively easy. Timothy slowly rose

higher and higher, I looked up at him affectionately.

"Hold on buddy..." I said, holding him up with all of the strength I could muster and

giving his foot a little tickle.

"Daddy!" giggled Timothy, "That tickles!"

I couldn't help but chuckle as Timothy struggled to stay balanced on my hands. I looked

up at the seat of his flame shorts and held him up in the air, proudly.

"My son." I whispered, an affectionate smile on my face. "How's the view up there, Timothy?" I called up to him.

"Great! Uh... can I come down now?"

I tried to lower Timothy gently, but my arms locked up and Timothy suddenly lost his balance, falling into the pool.

"Daddy!" Timothy cried, momentarily flailing his legs and arms until he remembered he had arm floats on.

"Sorry buddy, I didn't mean to do that." I said, pulling Timothy close and giving him a hug.

I chuckled as his rubber arm floats squeaked as I embraced him.

After Timothy and I were finished in the pool I took him for a bike ride along the

Stanley Park seawall. Timothy loved his new bike - he was a little wobbly as the training

wheels didn't both touch the ground at the same time like his old bike, but maybe it

won't be too much longer before he doesn't need them anymore. We both sat by the sea with

strawberry ice creams as the sun began to set behind the mountains on Vancouver Island in the distance.

"Thank you Daddy, for my new bike."

"You're welcome, buddy. I'm glad you like it."

I actually bought the bike sixteen years ago. It's been in storage for all this time, but

I had a gut feeling and impulsively bought it - just seeing the look on Timothy's face when he got to ride it today,

I'm so glad I did.

As the sun disappeared and night began to set in, Timothy and I rode back along the

SeaWall into Vancouver, where I'd parked our red Dodge Grand Caravan. The streetlights came on just at the

same moment I opened the back hatch to put Timothy's bike inside. I pulled out Timothy's booster seat and

held it as I walked around to the passenger-side door.

"Wanna ride shotgun with Daddy, big boy?" I asked, picking up his booster seat and

opening the front door.

"Yeah!" Timothy squeaked happily.

It was just after nine o'clock when we arrived back at home in Aldergrove, and completely dark.

Convincing Timothy to go to bed was tricky after this exciting day, but eventually he

relented. I helped him get ready for the night ahead, making sure his pull-up diaper was on snugly before

I tucked him into bed.

"Goodnight Daddy."

"Goodnight Timothy." I answered, kissing him on his cheek and ruffling his hair a little.

I look over at the clock on my bedside table which now reads 23:49. I ought to go check on my little guy - but a squeak emanating from the bedroom door distracts me from my thought. My eyes momentarily squint at the door, making out a small, chubby figure standing in the doorway. My ears detect an unhappy sob - it's Timothy.
"Daddy... my diaper..." Timothy sniffles.
"Aww, come here little buddy." I say, emerging from my bed covers and picking Timothy up, embracing him in a big bear hug.
"It's not your fault, Timothy. Don't cry."
Timothy buries his face in my shoulder, emanating a few more unhappy sobs and sniffles. As I hold Timothy up and carry him towards the bathroom to clean him up, I feel the warm squishy seat of his soaked diaper. Almost every morning Timothy wakes up with a wet diaper, but rarely does he wake up this late at night with it already soaked.
"Daddy..." Timothy says in his squeaky little voice. "I'm sorry..."
"Shhhh... you can't help it Timothy. You did the right thing coming to me, the last thing you want is a soaked bed."
It takes a few minutes, but soon Timothy is cleaned up with a fresh pull-up diaper on. I walk him back into his bedroom and tuck him in again. As I do so I can't help but think how long Timothy's pull-up diapers will be enough to keep his bed dry, I'm fairly sure that soon he'll have to wear more absorbent diapers at night - probably before he turns eight years old.
"Thank you Daddy." Timothy squeaked, snuggling up with his teddy bear and looking up at me.
"Sweet dreams, Timothy." I say, affectionately kissing him on his cheek again before I leave him to fall back to sleep.
24th September 2030 - Timothy's 7th Birthday
This is a fictional representation of my future dream - in this story I'm reminscing the day's adventures - on Timothy's seventh birthday I take him swimming and get to recreate something I saw my friend's dad do when I was thirteen years old. Past-tense is double-spaced. Present tense in regular-space.
30th July, 2028 - 23:33.

I only just put my little guy Timothy to bed half-hour ago. It's hard to believe he will be five in just two months' time!
Anyways why are we so late going to bed? Well, this evening Timothy and I went out to see the fireworks display at English Bay, on the corner of Denman Street and Beach Avenue in Downtown Vancouver, right now we are actually staying in a nearby hotel for the night, I'll explain why a little later on. The fireworks began at 9:45pm, and kept going until 10:25. Anyways I'll start the story with the beginning of our journey to Vancouver this evening, from our home in Aldergrove...


At 5pm we were almost ready to leave the house. Rather than take the bus and Skytrain into Vancouver as usual,

I opted to take Timothy via Abbotsford and Mission to take the West Coast Express instead.

I'd dressed Timothy into his blue t-shirt and orange flame shorts, with a red size 3t-4t

Lightning McQueen pull-up diaper underneath just in case of an emergency. I grabbed several

more red pull-ups for Timothy and put them into his backpack, with a spare pair of shorts.

I then put his backpack into mine - which contained my police uniform and sidearm, plus

some other bits and pieces.

"C'mon Daddy!" Timothy squeaked, holding the front door open as I struggled to adjust his

shorts to better conceal his diaper. I chuckled at his enthusiasm and then went out the

front door, locking it behind me and strolling up the sidewalk towards the bus stop, to

catch the bus into Abbotsford.

When the bus pulled up Timothy boarded first, I followed and showed the driver my bus

pass and Officers' ID. The driver nodded and closed the door behind us, immediately pulling

out of the bus stop. Timothy tripped and fell forwards, luckily a quick-thinking fellow

passenger caught him before he hit the floor. Timothy started to cry from the shock of

his fall, and I sat down with him on my lap and comforted him. A few minutes later Timothy was

feeling better and I gave him a kiss on his cheek. "It wasn't your fault, buddy." I reassured him.

Half-an-hour later when we arrived in downtown Abbotsford, we had to wait for ten minutes

at the exchange for the bus to Mission to arrive.

"Why couldn't I bring my bike, Daddy?" Timothy asked me, as we sat on the bench at the bus exchange.

"Well, you'll probably be very tired later on, we're going to be out until way past your bedtime. Daddy

can carry you, but I can't carry your bike as well." I explained to him. "Also don't

forget you're going out with my buddy and his boys to Cultus Lake waterpark tomorrow!

Unfortunately he doesn't have a car that can take your bike."


"Yeah, sorry buddy. I know you love riding your bike very much."

Just then the bus pulled into the bus stop bay, the destination sign changed from "5 -

Hospital" to "31 Mission Connector".

"Come on Timothy, here's our bus." I said, gently patting the seat of his shorts once

with my right hand as I took the bus pass out of my pocket with my left. The doors opened

and we stood in line as everyone else boarded. When Timothy and I boarded this bus

there as a much more friendlier driver, who immediately struck up a conversation with Timothy.

"Hey there little buddy, are you and your daddy off to see the fireworks in Vancouver

tonight?" The bus driver asked Timothy, in a very friendly manner.

"Yeah! It's gonna be so exciting! I'mma big boy now so Daddy says I can go watch them."

I chuckled and showed the driver my bus pass and Officers' ID.

"Transit Police, huh?" said the driver, with a friendly chuckle. "Well I'm surprised

you're not working tonight.

"I took today off so I could take my little guy to see the fireworks." I replied. "Come

on Timothy, let's sit down."

The bus ride to Mission was about the same length as the one from Aldergrove, but this

ride was somewhat more interesting. We rode through the historic downtown Abbotsford and

across the tracks over to the Highway, then up the Highway until we reached

Matsqui - where we were treated to a Canadian National freight train heading West towards

Vancouver on the mainline south of the Fraser River. A few minutes later we were on our way again,

back onto the Highway and over the Fraser River into Mission.

When we arrived at Mission station the West Coast Express special train was waiting for us.

"Enjoy the fireworks, Timothy!" said the bus driver, as we walked past him to get off the bus.

"Thank you! Have a good night!" squeaked Timothy in reply.

The West Coast Express - a double-decker commuter-style train, was at the platform with

the diesel engine at the back humming quietly as nearly everyone from the Abbotsford bus

purchased ride-tickets and got on board. We didn't have to buy tickets - children under

age six ride for free and I do too with my pass and ID - so we boarded after I'd taken a

few pictures and videos - one of Timothy with the bus, and another of Timothy standing in front of the train.

As Timothy turned around to enter the train carriage I started taking another video,

knowing the train would be leaving in a few minutes.

This was Timothy's first ride on the West Coast Express, and he was particularly excited about it.

As the train started to depart Timothy squeaked happily about it, squeaking again with

delight as an Eastbound Canadian Pacific Freight Train thundered past us with a mix of

empty grain hoppers and boxcars.

About an hour later when our train arrived at Waterfront station, we disembarked from the

West Coast Express with the other passengers and went over to the escalator.

As we were slowly ascending I glanced down at the seat of Timothy's shorts, noticing his

diaper was peeking out slightly, but not so much that I'd have to adjust his shorts again.

"Daddy, I'm hungry." Timothy said to me, as we reached the top of the escalator and

headed over to the ticket barriers.

"I know, I am too. We'll eat in a few minutes, okay buddy?"

I picked Timothy up and held him with my left arm while I obtained my pass from my pocket

with my right hand, so we could exit the fare-paid-zone together.

Timothy and I grabbed our bite-to-eat at one of the restaurants at Waterfront Station and

then we got on another bus to get to English Bay beach, at Denman and Davie. This bus

ride would only be about ten-minutes long. When the bus arrived Timothy had another

question for me - I couldn't blame him, it is his first time seeing a trackless-trolley bus.

"Why does the bus have two poles on it?" Timothy asked, pointing to the yellow poles

which were attached to the twin cables overhead.

"That's a trackless-trolley bus, it runs off electricity from the overhead wires. It

doesn't need an engine."

"Wow!" Timothy squeaked as the bus pulled up, making the usual air-brake hissing noises

and beeping sound as it kneeled for me and Timothy to board.

Twenty-minutes later, we checked into the hotel room near English Bay. I had hoped we'd

have a view of the bay so we could see the fireworks, but sadly we were facing the wrong way,

so Timothy and I would have to watch from the beach instead. Why did I book the hotel room?

Well even now in the year 2028 there is no bus service from Surrey Central to Aldergrove after 11:00pm

on a Saturday. That's the main reason I had opted to book into this hotel - but also I'm

working the Pride Parade in Downtown Vancouver tomorrow while my buddy is taking the day

off with his kids, and helping me out by taking Timothy with them and by working the

Celebration of Light in place of me. They'll be stopping by around ten o'clock tomorrow

morning to pick him up. I wish I could go with them, but my buddy has promised he'll take

good care of Timothy - and take a few photos and videos for me as well.

Around 9:35pm Timothy and I were standing down near the beach to watch the fireworks, they

wouldn't start for another ten minutes. We stood eating some sweets together and talking

about our days' adventure up to that point. Timothy had loved travelling by train and bus,

it was a different experience for him compared to our travels by car. When the fireworks

were about to start I lifted Timothy up and sat him on my shoulders, moving a few yards

closer to the beach as the area around us began to get rather crowded I stood on the path

next to the beach with Timothy sitting on my shoulders. This was the exact same spot I

had brought Timothy to the beach with his little tigger bike - which we no longer have now.

I couldn't help but chuckle as I remembered how he had tried to ride through the sand,

but the back wheel just spun uselessly with Timothy pumping his pedals, propped up on his

training wheels. Then after that we had gone for a paddle in the sea together, with Timothy

drowning his blue Lightning McQueen pull-up diaper which he'd had on under his shorts.

Just then the first firework went up into the sky with a loud screech, followed by

another with a crackling noise, both illuminating the sky in brilliant blue and green stars.

"Wow!" Timothy squeaked, pointing at another firework which screeched loudly and made an

even bigger bang and more red stars.

About ten minutes later as we were watching the fireworks Timothy tapped my shoulder.

"What is it, buddy?" I asked.

"I need to go potty..." Timothy replied.

I thought this might happen; rather than go to the restrooms and miss the fireworks

display, I had another idea.

"Try to hold it, buddy. It's okay if you can't, you can just use your pull-ups. Daddy will change you later."

With that said we continued watching the fireworks, some bigger ones were going off now

in addition to some smaller ones and a few noisy whizzing ones. It was then I began to

smell an odour... like a poopy diaper. For a moment I was puzzled, there were no other

parents with kids nearby - then it dawned on me.

"Timothy, did you go poop?" I asked.


"Why? I thought you just wanted to pee."

"You said I could use my pull-ups."

I sighed and let out a little giggle. "Timothy, you silly boy. Oh never mind."

I looked up at my little guy, who was blushing a little. It was my fault, I should have

checked with him first what he meant by 'potty' - but it was too late for that.

Still, the fireworks were almost over, and I'd be able to change his diaper when

we got back to the hotel room. I briefly looked around us and noticed that everyone was

standing further back than they were before - I guess they also figured out Timothy had a

poopy diaper. Still, that seemed to give me and Timothy a bit more space to move about -

I had been starting to get a bit stiff from standing almost perfectly still with Timothy

sitting on my shoulders and only about a foot's radius of space around me.

After most of the spectators in the streets had dispersed with the cessation of the

fireworks display I carried my sleepy little boy - still sitting on my shoulders with a

poopy diaper, up Denman street to our hotel. It's a shame the hotel room was facing the

wrong way from the waterfront, otherwise Timothy and I could have just watched the

fireworks from there. Oh well.


I look over at the bedside clock - which now reads 23:59. Almost midnight, it's time to go to bed. I've already cleaned my teeth and put on my pyjamas. I gently clamber into bed with Timothy, hoping not to wake him as he's only just gone to sleep. Before I turn out the light I give him a kiss on his cheek and pat the seat of his pull-up diaper.
"Goodnight, Timothy." I say under my breath as I turn out the light, putting my arm across Timothy's back and cuddling up with him.
30th July, 2028 - Vancouver Celebration of Light
Twelve years from now Timothy and I take our first real adventure with public transit! Heading out to the Celebration of Light fireworks display at English Bay beach in Downtown Vancouver.
I got this idea from watching the fireworks display and seeing several parents with their kids watching the display on the 30th July 2016, which made me think of what it would have been like to watch them with Timothy on my shoulders.

As usual - Present tense in single-space. Past-tense in double-space.


Preview photo from here:…
Rocky Mountaineer - Banff, AB (June 20th, 2015) by Foxfan1992
Rocky Mountaineer - Banff, AB (June 20th, 2015)
The Rocky Mountaineer tourist train approaching Banff, Alberta en-route to Calgary from Vancouver, British Columbia. A screenshot from a video clip filmed in 720p HD.

For more trains in Banff and Calgary, see here:…
West Coast Express - Pitt Meadows, BC - 20/07/2016 by Foxfan1992
West Coast Express - Pitt Meadows, BC - 20/07/2016
A video-still screenshot of West Coast Express 906 (a 2006 MPI MP36PH-3C) hauling train E1 to Mission City from Waterfront crossing Harris Road and entering Pitt Meadows station. The video with even more trains can be found here:
Hey everyone! This is just a journal about my new group, which can be found here!…

Those of you who have known me for a long time will know how much Timothy means to me - he started out as a carbon-copy of someone very dear to me after our friendship went awry nearly eight years ago. Since then he has evolved from my imaginary kid-brother into a little boy locked inside my heart - call him an 'inner child'. The thing is, I want more than anything for him to be brought to life. I want to hear his little voice, to hear his heart beating, and to see him joyously riding his bike. I've created this group to share with you my hopes, dreams and fantasies of the future with my little boy. Will the future turn out the way I fantasize? Probably not, but it's nice to dream!



Foxfan1992's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Current Residence: Sidney, BC

Hello! You've bumped into Foxfan1992... a friendly young fox who would love to make new friends... I'm also interested in Trains, Story-Writing, Computer Games, Animals, and creating mass-transportation systems!

Please read here for info about my anthropomorphic O.C characters:

*My Fursona*
Friendly - a kindhearted young Red Fox. He loves more than anything to go out and play with his friends. His hobbies include Transport, Cycling, Gaming, Reading, and Swimming. He's a fantastic babysitter too!

*Other Characters*
1. Jake - an energetic German Shepherd puppy who loves to play games and sometimes tease his friends, but is quick to apologize if he's taken a joke too far. Jake loves sports, particularly baseball and hockey, but loves to ride his bike just as much. He wears a green t-shirt and a pair of dark-blue sweat pants or orange-and-black shorts.

2. Timothy - a lovable, slightly chubby Raccoon cub, who is timid but very warm-hearted. His timidity comes from being made fun of by other kids his age - mainly because he still needs training wheels on his bike. He wears a blue t-shirt and a pair of shorts with orange, white and blue flames.

(These characters may also appear as humans in my stories and commissioned artwork. The only difference is Friendly's name is Robin as a human ;-))

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