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Mudding in the swamp by Foxfan1992 Mudding in the swamp :iconfoxfan1992:Foxfan1992 13 2 Timothy and Daddy at the ARTIC Station by Foxfan1992 Timothy and Daddy at the ARTIC Station :iconfoxfan1992:Foxfan1992 27 1 Pantsed on the 'Pitch! by Foxfan1992 Pantsed on the 'Pitch! :iconfoxfan1992:Foxfan1992 40 11 Sinking Feeling - By Chazchaz6 by Foxfan1992 Sinking Feeling - By Chazchaz6 :iconfoxfan1992:Foxfan1992 9 7 Caught Out? by Foxfan1992 Caught Out? :iconfoxfan1992:Foxfan1992 14 22 Timothy's Trouble with Mud by Foxfan1992 Timothy's Trouble with Mud :iconfoxfan1992:Foxfan1992 8 41
Seamus and Timothy
Yellow buttercups and dandelions swayed in the seasonably warm, summer breeze alongside the tall grasses along the side of the freeway. In the driver seat of a dark-blue pickup truck a middle-aged raccoon guided the vehicle around the gentle
curves, while also keeping an eye on the other vehicles around the truck and occasionally glancing in the interior rear view
mirror, which revealed a dozing eight-year old raccoon sitting in a booster seat, wearing a blue t-shirt and orange flame shorts.
"Tuckered out already, Timothy?" the father raccoon chuckled.
"It is quite a long journey back home." The raccoon's wife responded to her husband, before turning to look at her sleeping son in the back. "Poor Timothy."
"What about poor me?" pouted Timothy's dad, "I'm the one doing all the driving."
"Yeah, but you're not eight years old. Long journeys really aren't kind to kids."
Timothy's dad chuckled and returned to his vigil at the wheel.
A little while later, the truck turned off the freeway int
:iconfoxfan1992:Foxfan1992 5 2
Connor and Timothy poolside by Foxfan1992 Connor and Timothy poolside :iconfoxfan1992:Foxfan1992 49 8 Timothy on San Clemente Beach by Foxfan1992 Timothy on San Clemente Beach :iconfoxfan1992:Foxfan1992 3 2 Hanging out with new friends by Foxfan1992 Hanging out with new friends :iconfoxfan1992:Foxfan1992 17 1
The FunPlex Playground
One late-spring's afternoon at the town's 'FunPlex' indoor play centre; numerous cries of delight, screams of mock terror and many high-pitched chattering voices announced that the school day had ended and it was time to forget about homework, classes and other cares of the day and just play. An aroma of freshly-cooking french fries and burgers as well as soft drinks lingered in the air just outside the play apparatus.
A nine-year old fox cub named Friendly, wearing blue sweatpants with red and grey stripes and a red and black shirt waited outside the playground anxiously for his friend to arrive - looking among the numerous cubs for a little five-year old raccoon wearing a blue t-shirt and orange flame shorts, but he couldn't find his friend.
"Where are you, Timothy?" he whimpered, not really wanting to go into the play area without his best buddy.
As Friendly waited outside the playground for his friend, just inside it near the entrance to the big ball pit a six-year old raccoon name
:iconfoxfan1992:Foxfan1992 7 4
The Little Racecar and the Train by Foxfan1992 The Little Racecar and the Train :iconfoxfan1992:Foxfan1992 5 0 Little Racecar on the Train by Foxfan1992 Little Racecar on the Train :iconfoxfan1992:Foxfan1992 12 1 Pitt Meadows West Coast Express E5 by Foxfan1992 Pitt Meadows West Coast Express E5 :iconfoxfan1992:Foxfan1992 3 0 Stay safe, little buddy! by Foxfan1992 Stay safe, little buddy! :iconfoxfan1992:Foxfan1992 8 0 Friendly's View by Foxfan1992 Friendly's View :iconfoxfan1992:Foxfan1992 14 0


Sinking feeling by chazchaz6 Sinking feeling :iconchazchaz6:chazchaz6 11 15 Bud  in the Mud by WillM3luvTrains Bud in the Mud :iconwillm3luvtrains:WillM3luvTrains 4 5 Chuckie as he should be by bigddan11 Chuckie as he should be :iconbigddan11:bigddan11 19 10 Anxious Timothy by OrangeTabby106 Anxious Timothy :iconorangetabby106:OrangeTabby106 12 4 Mud troubles by chazchaz6 Mud troubles :iconchazchaz6:chazchaz6 8 0 The Wanderer by chazchaz6 The Wanderer :iconchazchaz6:chazchaz6 14 30 Max and Len by dcrisisbeta Max and Len :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 87 10 Big Brothers Stink! by tugscarebear Big Brothers Stink! :icontugscarebear:tugscarebear 101 42 Timothy and Friendly (finished) by TanyaLis Timothy and Friendly (finished) :icontanyalis:TanyaLis 17 8 riding a chair by Lupus1 riding a chair :iconlupus1:Lupus1 14 6 That's not fair by pandapaco That's not fair :iconpandapaco:pandapaco 233 57 Sketch Artists and Posing by dcrisisbeta Sketch Artists and Posing :icondcrisisbeta:dcrisisbeta 84 14 Car Wash - Commission by AgentFizzalButt Car Wash - Commission :iconagentfizzalbutt:AgentFizzalButt 22 7 wh wha..? by Lupus1 wh wha..? :iconlupus1:Lupus1 16 25 [Commission] Timothy by Blaye-Hatsuki11 [Commission] Timothy :iconblaye-hatsuki11:Blaye-Hatsuki11 4 1 Foxfan1992 Commission by LightningCato Foxfan1992 Commission :iconlightningcato:LightningCato 4 1


Mudding in the swamp
Art by :iconlightningcato:

A fantastic scene of some young living machines enjoying a day's mudding in the swamp. Rosie (the purple racecar). Friendly (the pickup with large mudding tires) and Timothy (the orange racecar).

Friendly decided to take his two racecar friends to his favourite swamp, to have fun in the mud. Predictably the racecars' 'Training Wheels' tires just keep slipping and spinning as they try to drive through the slippery, stinky mud and Friendly can't help but affectionately watch his two friends struggling, pondering over who to help first as their wheels spin, and spin, and spin.

Rosie belongs to :iconmegareyes:
Friendly and Timothy belong to me.
Timothy and Daddy at the ARTIC Station
A depiction of myself and the pride of my heart, my little boy Timothy (age seven) at the Anaheim ARTIC station, having just disembarked from a California HSR service from San Jose (origin San Francisco) on our California adventure set in May, 2031.

Timothy - my son, is the reason I continue breathing every day. He's the reason I put myself through such emotional pain, and physical discomfort (by trying to get stronger) every day. There's no person's company I long for more, and I hope with all my heart that this scene becomes reality one day. (In my mind, the date is May 13th, 2031).

Art kindly drawn and completed by :icondyperdrive:
Pantsed on the 'Pitch!
A simply adorable scene I've wanted to get for some time, but just couldn't find the right artist. This was completed by Friar (on FA, IB and Weasyl).

RabidRaccoon (in blue soccer attire) invited Timothy to play at a practice session with his team. There was trouble though when Timothy tripped and accidentally pulled down Rabid's shorts! His teammates chuckled - it wasn't the first time. Rabid decided to get his own back by pantsing Timothy- and getting much more than he bargained for when the younger raccoon's disposable Training Pants were revealed! This caused the teammates to burst out in laughter, fits of giggles and poor Timothy the shock of the day!
Sinking Feeling - By Chazchaz6
An adorable little scene I requested from :iconchazchaz6: featuring Rosie, who belongs to :iconmegareyes:
Rosie has an adventurous spirit, which means she likes to join Timothy and Friendly when they go to play in the swamp. However like Timothy, Rosie's "Training Wheels" just don't work in the mud, try as she might her rear wheels just spin, and spin, and spin.
Not to worry, someone will come give her a push soon :heart:
Caught Out?
Hey, look who you found at the playground - it's Timothy! He looks kinda anxious, can you guess why?

You could say something reassuring like: "Don't worry Timothy, it's only me." as Friendly would do - or you could make him more nervous by saying: "Cute butt." "Nice shorts." or something. xD

What? He does have a cute butt! *giggle*

Kindly drawn for me by :iconorangetabby106: :-D
Hey everyone! This is just a journal about my new group, which can be found here!…

Those of you who have known me for a long time will know how much Timothy means to me - he started out as a carbon-copy of someone very dear to me after our friendship went awry nearly eight years ago. Since then he has evolved from my imaginary kid-brother into a little boy locked inside my heart - call him an 'inner child'. The thing is, I want more than anything for him to be brought to life. I want to hear his little voice, to hear his heart beating, and to see him joyously riding his bike. I've created this group to share with you my hopes, dreams and fantasies of the future with my little boy. Will the future turn out the way I fantasize? Probably not, but it's nice to dream!



Foxfan1992's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Current Residence: Vancouver, BC

Hello! You've bumped into Foxfan1992... a friendly young fox who would love to make new friends... I'm also interested in Trains, Story-Writing, Computer Games, Animals, and creating mass-transportation systems!

Please read here for info about my anthropomorphic O.C characters:

*My Fursona*
Friendly - a kindhearted young Red Fox. He loves more than anything to go out and play with his friends. His hobbies include Transport, Cycling, Gaming, Reading, and Swimming. He's a fantastic babysitter too!

*Other Characters*
1. Jake - an energetic German Shepherd puppy who loves to play games and sometimes tease his friends, but is quick to apologize if he's taken a joke too far. Jake loves sports, particularly baseball and hockey, but loves to ride his bike just as much. He wears a green t-shirt and a pair of dark-blue sweat pants or orange-and-black shorts.

2. Timothy - a lovable, slightly chubby Raccoon cub, who is timid but very warm-hearted. His timidity comes from being made fun of by other kids his age - mainly because he still needs training wheels on his bike. He wears a blue t-shirt and a pair of shorts with orange, white and blue flames.

(These characters may also appear as humans in my stories and commissioned artwork. The only difference is Friendly's name is Robin as a human ;-))



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