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Ashley needs some help! by Foxfan1992
Ashley needs some help!
A cute little scene I commissioned :iconbigredpharaoh: to illustrate of my fursona - Friendly the fox - and his O.C skunk character Ashley. This is a scene from my story "When your friend is far, far away" where Friendly and Jake meet Ashley and Acie on a trip to the park, as Timothy has gone on vacation.

In the scene Ashley is on a playground zipline, however he's not launched himself hard enough and he's stalled in mid-air, just a few feet from the tower at the other end. The panicked young skunk can only flail his legs fruitlessly as he holds onto the zipline, crying out for help as he feels he's much, much higher off the ground than he really is. Friendly has noticed poor Ashley's distress and is about to help his new friend reach the other side safely. After getting the skunk to stop flailing he ducks underneath Ashley and stands under him, so Ashley is sitting on his shoulders.

Once Ashley is safe, he's very grateful to Friendly and the friends continue to play together for the rest of the day.
To read the story, see here:
1. Skidding to a stop by Foxfan1992
1. Skidding to a stop
A scene from my Cars fanfiction story "The Little Racecar and the mud" drawn as part of a comic commission by :iconasphalt-cowgirl:

Timothy - seeing a lot of other trucks playing merrily in the mud, has decided to venture in too. However he's finding it much harder to steer in the mud as opposed to on the road, and he has narrowly missed colliding with a red pickup truck, having locked up his back wheels trying to stop but just sliding in the mud.
"Sorry!" he calls out as he slides past the bewildered pickup.

Next scene here:
2. Little wheels and deep mud = stuck! by Foxfan1992
2. Little wheels and deep mud = stuck!
A scene from my Cars fanfiction story "The Little Racecar and the mud" drawn as part of a comic commission by :iconasphalt-cowgirl:

After apologizing to the truck he almost crashed into, Timothy tries to drive on to continue playing - but to his surprise he finds his back wheels keep slipping in the mud and he doesn't move. Thinking it's just a temporary problem, Timothy stops using his brakes and tries again - but still his wheels can't get any grip in the mud. He's stuck!

Next scene:
To the beginning:
3. Bottomed Out by Foxfan1992
3. Bottomed Out
A scene from my Cars fanfiction story "The Little Racecar and the mud" drawn as part of a comic commission by :iconasphalt-cowgirl:

Timothy's small wheels are no match for the deep mud he's ventured into. As he keeps trying to drive his limited-traction tires keep slipping, and his wheels spin helplessly. As his undercarriage gets smothered with mud Timothy cries out to the other trucks in the mud with him for help - though he only gets "Use your four-wheel drive, like us" as a reply.
"I can't! I only have rear-wheel drive!"

Next scene:
To the beginning:
4. Diaper Wheels by Foxfan1992
4. Diaper Wheels
A scene from my Cars fanfiction story "The Little Racecar and the mud" drawn as part of a comic commission by :iconasphalt-cowgirl:

Timothy's "Training Wheels" tires have a tendency to 'swell' as they absorb moisture from wet environments - especially from mud. His tires have little grip to begin with - but when they are exposed to moisture they lose almost all of their traction and as such they're fairly useless on wet roads, or in mud. Timothy's tires are often referred to as "Diaper Wheels" either teasingly by his friends, or more maliciously by less-friendly individuals like the trucks in this scene.

To the beginning:
Hey everyone! This is just a journal about my new group, which can be found here!…

Those of you who have known me for a long time will know how much Timothy means to me - he started out as a carbon-copy of someone very dear to me after our friendship went awry nearly eight years ago. Since then he has evolved from my imaginary kid-brother into a little boy locked inside my heart - call him an 'inner child'. The thing is, I want more than anything for him to be brought to life. I want to hear his little voice, to hear his heart beating, and to see him joyously riding his bike. I've created this group to share with you my hopes, dreams and fantasies of the future with my little boy. Will the future turn out the way I fantasize? Probably not, but it's nice to dream!



Foxfan1992's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Current Residence: Vancouver, BC

Hello! You've bumped into Foxfan1992... a friendly young fox who would love to make new friends... I'm also interested in Trains, Story-Writing, Computer Games, Animals, and creating mass-transportation systems!

Please read here for info about my anthropomorphic O.C characters:

*My Fursona*
Friendly - a kindhearted young Red Fox. He loves more than anything to go out and play with his friends. His hobbies include Transport, Cycling, Gaming, Reading, and Swimming. He's a fantastic babysitter too!

*Other Characters*
1. Jake - an energetic German Shepherd puppy who loves to play games and sometimes tease his friends, but is quick to apologize if he's taken a joke too far. Jake loves sports, particularly baseball and hockey, but loves to ride his bike just as much. He wears a green t-shirt and a pair of dark-blue sweat pants or orange-and-black shorts.

2. Timothy - a lovable, slightly chubby Raccoon cub, who is timid but very warm-hearted. His timidity comes from being made fun of by other kids his age - mainly because he still needs training wheels on his bike. He wears a blue t-shirt and a pair of shorts with orange, white and blue flames.

(These characters may also appear as humans in my stories and commissioned artwork. The only difference is Friendly's name is Robin as a human ;-))

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